Stupid, stupid me! I had written about a page and a half for this particular post – but lost it all in a flash when my computer decided to play hangman with me. I lost all the resources and links I had in it as well.

  • Yes, I am peeved
  • Yes, I am guilty of not saving my files
  • Yes, I spent a whole day writing it
  • Yes, I have stopped banging my head against my now slightly dented bookshelf

Because of that, I’m posting this as a botched-up job, not because I don’t care about you, but because I can’t seem to think straight with this pain in my head (wanna guess why?). So, you’ll let this one pass, won’t you?

The gist of what I wrote was this.

A site I believe that will complement your digital storytelling projects or your students’ journalistic ventures swimmingly is a site called OneWorld TV. A bit like YouTube, that you’re given the opportunity to upload your videos – but there’s where the similarity ends.

OneWorld TV

OneWorld TV is a community that focuses on social issues and the site encourages anybody to shoot a mini-documentary addressing anything pertaining to that motif. Open discussions on such issues are recommended. A unique feature with this site is that it allows your vignettes to be formed in a storyboard format – creating a clear storyline for your audience to follow without confusion.

It puts you in the driving seat as a storyteller, something I think that teachers and students can both benefit from. It’s free and the focus on social issues is a bonus for developing critical thinking skills. Unlike mainstream media, there is no censorship on any of the materials that you choose to upload. This is to encourage citizen journalism – a participatory culture that is permeating across borders to democratize information flow. To tell it like it is. To set the truth free.

Have a look at the site and see if you can take advantage of the platform that OneWorld TV gives you and your students – to share your take on social events.

Here is another application that is about to make your YouTube experience a little taggier. Scenemaker is its name and tagging videos is its game (I told I wasn’t thinking straight).


Anyway, to save you the agony of reading through anymore of my incoherence, read a nice review of Scenemaker on this site. Tell your students about it as well. They’ll know what to do with it.

P.S. don’t forget to save and backup … save and backup … save and backup … save and backup …ALWAYSsssss!