It’s 2007, a year many analysts predict the proliferation of videos on the Internet while blogging is expected to hit a plateau (something I find hard to agree with). Whether it’s blogging, podcasting or vidcasting – today, your students have an audience. An audience that comprises of, well … let’s just say the entire planet. It’s a global audience they can voice their opinions to, tell their story to, or just plant a seed of change that could alter the course of history forever. I’m not over-dramatizing the potential effects of what a student with an opinion can achieve because the reality of the power to make a difference, is already amidst us.

Here’s an excellent example of how one child is making such a difference:

Screenshot 1

The above screenshot was taken off BL Ochman’s post (highlighting was mine, though) and if I could suggest that you read the rest of her post here.

This is just one of many ways how children or students, in their own endearing, innocent and honest struggle to stop the wrong and make things right, can leverage Internet technology to get their message out. Martina is a brilliant illustration of this and a fine inspiration to many other children who I know have something to get off their chest.

You could help them do this. There’s no better time than now and no easier way than using the Internet to accomplish this – with a global audience to boot. You could incorporate vidcasting into your projects, asking your students to share their story for everyone to view on YouTube, for instance.

Share some of your ideas here with us on ChalkTalk, or even point us to links of your students’ projects. I’m sure we can all benefit from these exchanges and help spread their message.

Have a great 2007 then and I’m looking forward to exploring the world of technology and how it applies to education throughout the year with you.