Today’s ‘Hot Steer’

Stupid, stupid me! I had written about a page and a half for this particular post – but lost it all in a flash when my computer decided to play hangman with me. I lost all the resources and links I had in it as well.

  • Yes, I am peeved
  • Yes, I am guilty of not saving my files
  • Yes, I spent a whole day writing it
  • Yes, I have stopped banging my head against my now slightly dented bookshelf

Because of that, I’m posting this as a botched-up job, not because I don’t care about you, but because I can’t seem to think straight with this pain in my head (wanna guess why?). So, you’ll let this one pass, won’t you?

The gist of what I wrote was this.

A site I believe that will complement your digital storytelling projects or your students’ journalistic ventures swimmingly is a site called OneWorld TV. A bit like YouTube, that you’re given the opportunity to upload your videos – but there’s where the similarity ends.

OneWorld TV

OneWorld TV is a community that focuses on social issues and the site encourages anybody to shoot a mini-documentary addressing anything pertaining to that motif. Open discussions on such issues are recommended. A unique feature with this site is that it allows your vignettes to be formed in a storyboard format – creating a clear storyline for your audience to follow without confusion.

It puts you in the driving seat as a storyteller, something I think that teachers and students can both benefit from. It’s free and the focus on social issues is a bonus for developing critical thinking skills. Unlike mainstream media, there is no censorship on any of the materials that you choose to upload. This is to encourage citizen journalism – a participatory culture that is permeating across borders to democratize information flow. To tell it like it is. To set the truth free.

Have a look at the site and see if you can take advantage of the platform that OneWorld TV gives you and your students – to share your take on social events.

Here is another application that is about to make your YouTube experience a little taggier. Scenemaker is its name and tagging videos is its game (I told I wasn’t thinking straight).


Anyway, to save you the agony of reading through anymore of my incoherence, read a nice review of Scenemaker on this site. Tell your students about it as well. They’ll know what to do with it.

P.S. don’t forget to save and backup … save and backup … save and backup … save and backup …ALWAYSsssss!


Here, got you something. Dunno if it’s of any use to you at all but my niece made this. You are free to download it, rework it, do as you please with it. Frankly, I have no idea what you could use it for. Maybe you can.


If you’d like it in psd format, shoot me an email and I’ll pass it to you. She’s got more of this stuff in the back of her closet, so, if you’d like, I could get her to fork out a couple more for you.

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I will be introducing a new category for this blog called, ‘Today’s Hot Steer’. It’s not what you think so don’t let your mind wander.

‘Today’s Hot Steer’ will bring you * insert your own powerful adjectives here * tips, resources and killer apps that I know will leave you either speechless or pleasantly satisfied. You may get the occasional ‘Ah-Ha’ moment and sometimes, the ‘So What?’, ‘What Should I Do With This’ and the ‘I’m Way Ahead Of You Kevin’ moments.

Many of these resources can be for your own personal use, for work or your business. Some resources may not be directly related to the subject matter of this blog, but because not clueing you in may affect my ability to stay guilt-free, I’m obliged to share great stuff with you. Indulge me, if you may.

Alright, let’s kick this category off with something you’re already familiar with: Open Source.

I’m sending you to a website which collates all Open Source applications that work on the Windows platform (I’m sorry Mac-ites, you might wanna sit this one out). You’ve just gotta to see it to believe it, so head on over to OSSwin Project.

If you’re a home user or a small business owner who cannot afford the time to browse through OSSwin Project’s comprehensive offerings, you might prefer MozOO and TheOpenCD. Both offer a free download of their CDs, comprising of quality Open Source tools that should suit your needs perfectly. They do offer a ‘Purchase’ option of the CD, but you might want to try that option only, if you’re averse to downloading anything.

These are Open Source tools that just about covers everything you need to have a fully functional PC at absolutely zero cost. If you possess more than one computer in your office or home, and are constrained by the legal bindings of your proprietary software, you now have possibilities.

It’s worth at least a thought.

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