Update as of Dec 2021:

Hey Beautiful people!

You can find me here on out at my blog:


It’s URL is https://www.kevinsingarayar.com/

Hi guys,

It’s been like, what, 2 years?  Look, I really need to apologize for not attending to this blog as I had been swamped with work.  But, I’ve now decided to have a dedicated blog that will be our permanent online rendezvous point.

So, I’ve finally moved chalktalk.wordpress.com to its all-new, permanently refurbished home:


It’s URL is http://www.burningboats.com/

So, please join me and be part of the BurningBoats.com community.  It’ll be no fun without you.  See ya there!

P.S. I recommend that you unsubscribe from this blog and subscribe to the new blog at BurningBoats.com as this blog will no longer be updated.