A blog always contains the newest and latest post at the top, so you’re usually never going to see posts that had been written as recently as last week on the front page.

The best way to start reading ChalkTalk is by subscribing to its feed, so you know you’ll always be kept up-to-date with the latest and freshest blog entry.

Next, take a look at the right column on this blog. Scroll down a little and you’ll find a category called, ‘Recent Posts’. These are the last ten posts that had been made on ChalkTalk.

 Screenshot 1

You can choose to browse by ‘Categories’. Choose the topic that piques your interest.

 Screenshot 2

Or, you could browse from the very first post by going to the ‘Archives’ category and clicking on July, and browse through the rest of the months to see if certain posts grabs your reading pleasure.

 Screenshot 3

Alternatively, you could just search for topics by typing in your keywords into the ‘Search’ box found below the calendar.

 Screenshot 4

And that’s really all there is to it. You’re also most welcome to share your ideas, thoughts and questions either by clicking on the ‘Comments’ link or posting in the ‘comments box’ found below each post.

 Screenshot 5

Or, just shoot me an e-mail at: kevinsingarayar[AT]gmail [DOT] com


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