Equating Today’s Education With Tomorrow’s Technology

Chalktalk was born out of pure frustration. Being part of the production line of Singapore’s education system in the early 80s and 90s, I have to admit that I never really enjoyed the traditional pedagogy, though I really loved learning. At 33 and much the wiser (at least that’s what my mother wants me to believe), I now have the ability to reflect and try to understand why that was the case. Did it have to do with Singapore’s myopic albeit ruthlessly efficient educational structure, or was it the often uninspiring and unimaginative presentation of lessons by my obviously unmotivated teachers with the exception of a few truly delightful ones, or was I just too wrapped up in discovering what education did not have to offer? My love-hate relationship with education as a rigid, monolithic bureaucracy pitted against my sensual cravings of learning, was reconciled when I started speaking to a number of educational professionals both in the public and private sectors, here in Singapore.

And I’ve discovered that educational professionals are actually very decent human beings. Yes they are and they do want to make a difference in the lives of those that come under their instruction. Like a Catholic priest who believes priesthood is a calling not everyone receives, so too do many educational professionals believe that teaching is a calling that not everyone should answer. It takes a special someone to teach, educate and to keep doing it over and over again with a passion matched only by that of the zaniest of sports fans. Viewed by many as one of the most under-appreciated vocations (does “Those that can, do; those that can’t, teach” come to mind?), topped off with educators often being subjected to constant gratuitous criticism, it’s about time teaching as a vocation is awarded its due recognition, with educational professionals benefiting the most from it. I however, cannot do much about its long overdue recognition, but I can do something about this born-again respect I have for the educational profession; hence the blog.

With ChalkTalk, I hope to provide you, educational professionals in Singapore, a platform to discover and discuss today’s internet technologies and how best to apply them to what you already do best, TEACH. I will keep you informed and updated on the latest trends and hottest technologies that support and enhance teaching and learning – technologies that make learning for your students more interactive, engaging and definitely more stimulating. If better performance and results is want you want as an educational professional, then this blog is a map towards that destination.

Topics of discussion will cover: 

  • Technology solutions for daily challenges that educators may face
  • Integration of technology into methods of learning
  • Implementation of new technologies into the classroom
  • How students can benefit from you as a tech-savvy educator
  • …and lots more

The structure of Singapore’s education system today, is primed for 21st century technology and beyond. Today’s generation of students, and generations hereafter, will be highly sophisticated, technologically-savvy individuals and the demand to learn accordingly will be expected. Anything less, is suspect. Therefore, understanding tomorrow’s technology for today’s education is crucial, if not, mandatory.

ChalkTalk is your blog, so please feel free to post your comments or thoughts and make it a confluence of like-minded professionals. Welcome then, to ChalkTalk.


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